Saturday, December 22, 2012

Favorite Glitter and Glam Tutorials

photos via makeupbox, ybs Beauty, katOsu (youtube channel), whimsicalwonderlandweddings and dearfriend

A few more days before Christmas (and New Years Eve) so it's the perfect time to share my 10 favorite Glitter and Glam tutorials! I just love Whimsical Sparkles in these cold winter days and love to give my apartment that perfect glittery touch! Hope you love these beauty and home decor tutorials as much as I do!

1) Scarlet Slippers: Red Glitter Eyeshadow Tutorial

Totally bold but oh so good!


2) '50s Glam Waves

Although not a full tutorial, just a simple how-to description these '50s Glam waves would make such a perfect Holiday-do! I still need to learn how to work with rollers.


3) Glitter and Glam Eyes

This Polish girl really knows her eye-make-up! The video's are (sadly) in Polish but I'm glued to them anyway just to figure how how to get those perfect eyes! (I kind of skip back and forth in the video's towards the steps)


4) DIY Glitter Jam Jar Snow Globe

A beautiful Whimsical tutorial and finally something to do with those jam jars!


5) DIY Glitter Garland

This is just such a fantastic home decor tutorial and you really have to go and check out how the final result came how to see how brilliant it is!


6) Watercolor Glitter Illustrations

Another brilliant glitter tutorial, this one by Paper Fashion for those of us who love to draw! I also really love this tutorial because its not only perfect for illustrators and artists but for applying this to notes, cards and letters as well!

7) DIY Glittered Wine Bottles

Not only jam jars can be transformed into glittery pieces, wine bottles too! Just such a spark of pleasure and no need to say; a good reason to finish off that bottle of wine ;)


8) DIY Magic Bottle

Swirling, twirling and sparkling indeed plus this tutorial gives us that feeling of whimsical snow!


9) Christmas lyrics banner tutorial

This is exactly what my apartment needs and not only for Christmas but all year round!


10) Glitter Gradient Nails

And as finishing glitter touch today I will close this post with 2 Gradient Nail tutorials I love!




Rhoda Wong said...

glitter is perfect to give a fun dash to anything! love your list!

Moda De Calle said...

I love glitter!! <3 Great post

Blackvelvet By Sofi said...

Love the idea ! :D

Camille said...

The red one is amazing

Mancina said...

love this post, 1 and 3 makeups are stunning!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Thank you for sharing! really helpful

Laura said...

Nice post! I love glitter


Louisa said...

I absolutely love glitter for the holidays. I especially like the banner and the glitter globe ideas. I'll have to try them.

Louisa of Circa Sunday Afternoon

Céline said...

I love glitter for this holidays so for me this is such a great selection !
Love the idea of the nail art with glitter <3


Vienna Wedekind said...

uhhh, gonna try the 50s wave since I have a MAD MEN New year eve party!


Kristina Lennon said...

Love the glitter eyes and nails :) x

Julia simple said...

love this post! glad i have found your blog! happy xmas xxx

tıp sözlugu said...

nice blog

Sofie P. said...

This is oh so cool. The bottle of wine look lovely!


Daniyal Memon said...

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aliceinbo said...

Glitter is an actitude!!!
Love your photos!

Mira said...

The glitter globe is too cute <3



zafar said...

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Dark Blue Stripes said...

Great glitter inspiration. My favourite would have to be the gradient nails.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Styleclouds said...

Wonderful inspiration! xo, Christina

Lolitek said...

all I can think about now is 31st!!!!
Merry Christmas xxx

Inspirareland said...

Loving the glitter wine bottles, such a chic idea.

Christina Marie said...

Glitter can do no wrong! I am in love.


ZxM Style-Squared said...


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